The mission of the COALITION OF COMMUNITY HEALTH EDUCATION (CCHE) is to meet the workforce development and continuing education needs of those seeking to improve the health of communities and public health, in general. We seek to form partnerships with agencies, organizations, and groups invested in community and public health, as well as in the training of those who will work to address health issues. Our mission includes working with our partners to deliver high quality online content (e.g. links to webinars, videos, podcasts, articles, etc.) that serves to increase the knowledge and skill level of those working to address health issues.
This includes the design and delivery of “Learning Packages for Continuing Education/Workforce Development,” which will include both video-based webinar content and corresponding quizzes that are assessment tools, creating an opportunity to provide continuing education contact hours (CECH) for peer educators/community health educators/community health workers, and potentially other professionals (e.g. social workers, etc.). We will also live-stream on Facebook some training seminars, and also archive them on this website. Thus, we intend to become a provider of CECH for the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC), given our provision of online webinar content for workforce development. We will similarly seek to become a provider of CECHs from other public health/community health related agencies. We will also offer our own certificates of completion for those who pass quizzes we create (e.g. by a graduate student supervised by me). These activities will allow us to fulfill our mission to meet workforce development and continuing education needs of those working to improve community and public health.